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Enter new sub folder name. Do not use national characters in the folder name.

Sub folder with the name "data" containing research material, will not show up in the Site Scan or in folder Zips.

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Yellow marked fields are important for menu presentation and search function. Edit these fields.

Variable NameVariable / Explanation
Menu name : ( change for national characters in menu )
Title :
Folder name: ( usually folder name )
Filename: ( filename of text to be edited )
Type: ( main folder names, eg. person, product, item )
Tags: ( for Search and Tag cloud )
Image: ( for image in sub page )
UUID: ( Auto generated )
Data ID:
Publish: ( 0 = hide, 1 = publish, 2 = in progress )
Allow edit: ( 0 = forbid, 1 = allow )
Date created:
Date updated:

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